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Bofigo Wooden Tile Center Table Wooden Solid Wood Coffee Table 62x32 Cm Black

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Brand Bofigo
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Bofigo Wooden Solid Wood Natural Coffee Table* The meeting point of rustic style with design...

Ceramics has been a material of critical importance to humanity for centuries.

It is produced using completely natural materials, is cooked after being shaped, and thus takes its final form with a completely traditional method.

In terms of its features, its waterproofing, durability and decorative success set the ceramic coating apart from other coating types.

The product is made of 100% natural pine wood.

It will add a different atmosphere to your living spaces with its natural structure and textured tree.

The feet of the product are sent as walnut painted on solid wood.

The feet are easily mounted by turning 1 screw thanks to a single apparatus and provide strength and durability.

The product is sent disassembled and has a simple and fun installation.

All materials used are TSE approved, E1 Quality, does not contain carcinogenic substances and are antibacterial.

The product is carefully manufactured for our valued customers.

Visual objects are not included in the product.

Bofigo Wooden Solid Wood Natural Coffee Table and modern look add elegance to your home.


*Product sizes*

Height: 45cm

Depth: 32 cm

Width: 62cm


*Ceramic Surface Dimensions*

Depth: 30 cm

Width: 60cm