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Bofigo Wooden Leg Nesting Table Pine

779,00 TL
Brand Bofigo
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The product is shipped disassembled in its special parcel.
Table Diameter: 35 cm
Ground clearance: 47 cm - 49 cm - 51 cm
Its feet are made of 100% natural wood material. It is made ready for use by applying wood preservative on it. You can use it safely for many years.
The top plate is manufactured using 18mm thick, 1st class chipboard. It has TSE, European Union EN, ISO 9001 and FSC certificates.
Its edges are covered with 1st class 0.80mm PVC tape. Problems such as easy deformation / swelling are prevented.
It does not contain carcinogenic substances within E1 Standards.
You do not need any hand tools for installation. You can easily assemble it by turning the legs of the table by hand.
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