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Bofigo 8 Basket Kitchen Cabinet Multi-Purpose Cupboard Crisper White

1.689,00 TL
Barcode 8683456000521
Brand Bofigo
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Editor’s advice

The product is shipped disassembled in its special parcel.
18mm thick 1st quality chipboard is used in the body of our product. It has TSE, European Union EN, ISO 9001 and FSC certificates. Within E1 Standards, it does not contain carcinogenic substances.
Baskets and rails of our product are made of original PP plastic in our own factory. Please make sure that the products you will use do not contain scrap plastic or recycled plastic, as it will be in contact with food materials.
All parts of the product (Body, Basket and Rails) are produced in the Bofigo factory. For this reason, all production stages are under our control.
The holes of the places where the baskets of our product will be screwed will be marked and delivered to you. You can install it very easily.
Product height: 109cm
Product width: 45 cm
Product depth: 30 cm
Basket depth: 10 cm
Foot height: 7.5 cm