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Dumbbell Set 3 KG x 2 Pieces 6 KG Dumbbell Set 6 KG Dumbell Set

229,90 TL
Brand Dambılcım
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6KG Dumbbell Weight Set

Consists of 2 Pieces of 3 KG Dumbbells


Our products are shipped directly from production to you.

We stand behind our products in all possible problems.

Product content 2 x 3 kg Dumbbell Weight plates are made of 1st quality plastic coating and filled with special mortar.

It is impossible to burst and disperse. Even if it is specially cut / drilled, its contents do not flow or scatter.

It is very long lasting. All of our products are original, new and sent with an invoice on your behalf.

All of our products are our own production. You can contact us for all your spare parts and support needs.