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Bofigo Counter Top Shelf Spice Rack Anthracite

519,00 TL
Barcode 0670087236786
Brand Bofigo
Stock Status Our Stock
Editor’s advice

Bofigo Counter Top Shelf Spice Rack is shipped disassembled in its special box.

Bofigo Counter Top Shelf Spice Rack is manufactured using 1st class particle board in European Union standards.

The particle boards we use have TSE, EN, ISO 9001 and FSC certificates. At the same time, it does not contain carcinogenic substances within E1 standards.

Bofigo Counter Top Shelf Spice Rack edges are covered with 1st class PVC Tape. Problems such as easy deformation or swelling are prevented.

Easy installation diagram and screw sets of our product are included in the package. You can complete the spice rack installation within 5 minutes by following the steps on the diagram.

Accessories are for visual purposes, not included in the product.

In order to protect our product against damage that may occur during shipping, we use 140 gr boxes when packaging.


Product sizes

Width: 43.5 cm

Depth: 20 cm

Height: 40 cm

Shelf Distances: 17 cm