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Bofigo Camping Chair Folding Chair Picnic Chair Beach Chair Red

499,90 TL
Brand Bofigo
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100% Domestic Production - Produced in İzmir.

Bofigo Folding Chair - Camping Chair - 2021 Model

With the new generation Bofigo Camping Chair, durability and comfort rise to the next level.

The strong body of the folding chair is now more durable with the new production technology. The body is now much stronger with a more robust profile and 1st quality electrostatic oven paint.

With Bofigo's new generation plastic armrests, all problems such as mold, splitting, hand/elbow pain, which were experienced in wooden arm chairs in the past, are eliminated.

With the new truss system, the weight on the camping chair is optimally distributed and the truss structure becomes at least 50% stronger.

Bofigo's experiences in the folding chair group meet the consumers as big quality differences in the 2021 model chair.

All parts of the camping chair are manufactured in the Bofigo factory.

It can be folded in one piece and easily with one hand. It does not unfold by itself after being folded. It can stand upright. You can carry it easily.

It provides long-term use with its stronger fabric structure and back / sitting supports.

You can easily place it in the trunk of any vehicle. It can be easily used as a camping chair, picnic chair, garden chair, beach chair, balcony chair.

It offers ideal use as a garden, summer, picnic, balcony, camping, beach, travel chair.