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Bofigo TV Ünitesi TV Sehpası Düşer Kapaklı Tv Ünitesi Televizyon Sehpası Beyaz-Çam

2.069,00 TL
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Marka Bofigo
Ürün Açıklaması

Bofigo TV Stand is shipped disassembled in its special box.

Its feet are made of high durable special profile material.

The surfaces are manufactured using 18mm thick, 1st class particleboard. It has TSE, European Union EN, ISO 9001 and FSC certificates. It does not contain carcinogenic substances within E1 Standards.

The edges of our TV stand are covered with 1st class PVC tape. Problems such as easy deformation / swelling are prevented.

The shelves in the middle of our TV stand both create a useful area for your books, satellite receivers and decorative objects, and contribute greatly to the durability of the product. It prevents problems such as sagging / stretching by distributing the load on it.

The TV stand is very easy to assemble. Detailed assembly manual is sent in the product. All the details you will need are available in our assembly manual. You can easily install your product without any additional help.

In order to protect our TV Unit against any damage that may occur during shipping, 140 gr boxes are used while it is being packaged, and its entire circumference is supported with special styrofoam.

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